August 19, 2017

My Reading Experience

I am not going to say that I have read a lot of book because I will lie to you. BUT... I will say that what I read, I love it.

I am not going to recommend you a book or a short story.
I just want you to find your own stories. There are so many books that I can not say "this is a good and this not". 

                                                         However, you need to understand that the best book is the one that YOU love.


You can take some suggestions from your friends.. and maybe you like those books but do not be disappointed if you don't like what your friends told you to read.

Finding a book is like life. You have to find your own road, your own likes, your own stories. And when you find THAT book you will realize how to continue reading what you want to. 

I encourage you to find your way... There are such a huge quantity of books and fantasctic stories waiting for you to be read... Go ahead!!! Don't be afraid!!!

And I wil tell you a little secret...
Books CAN'T eat us!!

Hope you like this post!
Bye :)

July 03, 2017


Hi there!!!! Today, I bring you an article about "Mindfulness in the classroom"

To be honest, I try this strategy with my nine-years-old students and it works quite well. We are working in being calm in the school to concentrate more since they are a bit disrupted. But they try, I try with me adn we are getting somewhere hahaha

Well, I hope you find it useful. And don't forget to share what you think about it!

Mindfulness in the classroom

June 26, 2017

How to succeed in tests?

Hello!! How are you today?
Well, as you can read in the title, I'm going to give some tips to study and, if possible, to succeed in tests. But let's explain something. This is not magic. You need to spend your time. Be organized with your timetable if not you will never find a day to focus on your studying.

Let's start...

Here I show you some tips...

In my opion, taken into account my experience, it's better if you study alone firstly and then, if you want you can study in groups with your friends. The idea is that you and your friends can discuss of your doubts. And so you will be more confident.

What about listening to music to concentrate?

Well, I find that music does not help me to concentrate but I try. I try with music that I know and music that I've never listened to in my whole life. So, I think that THAT is not my way to study. The idea is that you can try different ways until you find YOUR way!

Hope this post helps you!!!
If you want you can share your experiences and ways to study better in the comments...

June 12, 2017

Baby arguing?

Look at this two. A baby and her mom. 

They are arguing,She undertands her mom but she is not agreed with her. that's ok. Nothing surprising with that. But the problem is that the baby can't talk: However she is arguing.  How is this possible?
Well, she is not able to reproduce a word because of her madurity but she can do some tones properly and this is why she can argue. And it's so funny!!! I love her... Hope you like it, too
Kiss :)

May 16, 2017

The importance of pronunciation

Let's have some fun for a moment while the try to succed! ;)


Pronunciation is important!!!

May 04, 2017

Reflection tasks


You are in a party and you meet some old friends. Talk about your last holidays.


Exchanging personal iformation

Past simple
Yes/no questions



1. Look at the pictures and match the rooms and parts of the house with them.
2. Read the example. Say where the film stars were at 7 pm. Use their names in each picture.
2. Listen to the short conversation about asking and answering about what the films stars were doing.
5. Take turns to ask and answer about the flims stars looking at the pictures.
4. Complete the conversation about two people describing past events.
2. Practice using the same conversation.
3. It's Joe's birthday party. Listen to the dialogue and put the events in the correct order.
6. Pair work: Take turns to talk about an incident in one of the following places (at the supermarket, in a game arcade, at a footbal match, in the street) and tell your partner what happened. You can use your imagination.

April 26, 2017

Hello English!

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I hope you enjoy it...