June 26, 2017

How to succeed in tests?

Hello!! How are you today?
Well, as you can read in the title, I'm going to give some tips to study and, if possible, to succeed in tests. But let's explain something. This is not magic. You need to spend your time. Be organized with your timetable if not you will never find a day to focus on your studying.

Let's start...

Here I show you some tips...

In my opion, taken into account my experience, it's better if you study alone firstly and then, if you want you can study in groups with your friends. The idea is that you and your friends can discuss of your doubts. And so you will be more confident.

What about listening to music to concentrate?

Well, I find that music does not help me to concentrate but I try. I try with music that I know and music that I've never listened to in my whole life. So, I think that THAT is not my way to study. The idea is that you can try different ways until you find YOUR way!

Hope this post helps you!!!
If you want you can share your experiences and ways to study better in the comments...

June 12, 2017

Baby arguing?

Look at this two. A baby and her mom. 

They are arguing,She undertands her mom but she is not agreed with her. that's ok. Nothing surprising with that. But the problem is that the baby can't talk: However she is arguing.  How is this possible?
Well, she is not able to reproduce a word because of her madurity but she can do some tones properly and this is why she can argue. And it's so funny!!! I love her... Hope you like it, too
Kiss :)